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Hypnosis for stress & anxiety

How can hypnotherapy help people who are stressed, anxious or both?

Acute stress alerts us that there is something to deal with, right now. It gives us the focus and energy to complete a task on time, catch a flight when we’re at risk of being late, or push the brake instantly when we are in danger when driving, which is a good thing. 

On the other hand, chronic stress is very harmful for both our mind and body.


The good news is, hypnotherapy can help you release build-up of stress, find better coping mechanism, but also find a way out.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective to find the root causes of anxiety, treat symptoms, reframe and challenge unhelpful beliefs and find peace of mind durably. Would you like to know how? Read on...

13 Ways Hypnotherapy Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

If your job is highly stressful due to its nature, for example police officer, surgeon, driving instructor… you need avenues to diffuse it regularly to avoid a build up by taking pauses, exercising, and good sleep hygiene to restore. Having hypnotherapy sessions to unload can be highly beneficial to help that process. 

Whatever our work or personal environment, if we are subjected to too much stress for too long, we can develop anxiety, and burn out. Anxiety is about experiencing prolonged stress and fear despite no genuine real threat. We imagine danger, and try to cope the best we can, but another imaginary threat replaces the previous one. It’s a trap that, creates a “system overload” that drains us, hinders our sleep, impairs our ability to focus, think rationally and creatively, impacts our body, and let’s be honest, it’s annoying for the people around us! 

Deep relaxation

Hypnotherapy can help you reach levels of relaxation you might never have experienced before, calming down your ruminating mind and decrease muscle tension. 

Find your confident self

You are not your anxiety. Paying attention to moments where you already feel naturally confident and calm -- no matter how short they are, helps to accept that you are able to live differently.

Mindfulness reconnects body and mind

Learning to cultivate presence brings a calmer mind and improves the relationship we have with our body.
When we only notice our body when we experience stress, it is because we experience dissociation from it, which can prevent us from giving it what it needs, including the things that help reduce anxiety: exercise, adequate nutrition, sleep…

Learn to use your imagination positively

If you often imagine heartbreaking or catastrophic situations, you are bringing unnecessary negative emotions onto you and drive your mental health down. You might believe that it helps you “being prepared”, but it is in reality counterproductive. 

Letting go

Anxiety brings the need to control situations and people around us, so we try. The reality is, the world is chaotic, nothing is permanent and motionless. When we’re anxious, our mind is erratic, and this brings the urge to bring order in our environment in an attempt to calm what is going on inside. Spoiler alert: this is not sustainable. If you want to have peace of mind, working towards your own healing brings the inner peace needed to make you more flexible and more able to deal with all situations life brings at you. 

Healing past trauma

Trauma memories are often the root causes for developing anxiety, it also fuels it. When strong emotions are associated with trauma from the past, it makes those difficult memories far too present in our mind. Releasing those strong emotions is a great step towards healing.

Release stress stuck in the body and mind

Stress can accumulate in your body, causing muscle tension and strain. Hypnotherapy helps to alleviate that pressure from you.

Reassess your options with hypnosis

Are they things or situations that could be dealt in a much better way to decrease stress? In hypnosis, our mind can visualize alternative options that will help us solve overwhelmingly difficult situations.

Identify triggers

Triggers are situations that bring instantly strong negative emotions. If a situation triggers you, this means that there is something to heal. Our mind and body recognise swiftly what it considers similar to difficult memories of the past, no matter how old they are, and in a matter of milliseconds we briefly plunge into the past. Recognising when you get triggered is a first step towards healing.

Question your negative beliefs

We can have horrendous self-talk, should we listen to it? When we delve into negative spiralling thought patterns about ourselves, our abilities or the people in our lives, we hinder our joy. Questioning the automatic thought patterns and underlying beliefs frees our mind for more helpful growth inducing ones.

Break the cycle of insomnia

They are many reasons we can have difficulties falling asleep or waking up during the night: the late cup of coffee, the sound of heavy rain on the roof… if you’re the anxious type though, there is a chance that your mental rumination starts as soon as you turn off the light, making it difficult to fall asleep, or starts as soon as you wake up during the night and a vicious cycle of overtiredness begins. Creating new rituals for bedtime can help you re-create a pleasant anticipation and deeply restorative nights of sleep.

Inner conflict

If you are undecided when confronted with choices, it might be because you are unconsciously chasing opposite goals. This can be very stressful as your logical mind is faced with something it can’t resolve. Exploring what subconscious process is creating this inner conflict can solve it for good.

New habits to build resilience

Embracing new habits can be almost instant with the help of hypnosis. We therefore can “install” new habits that foster better coping mechanisms that will simplify your life.

Hypnotherapy is the best modality to challenge negative beliefs and subconscious programmes that keep you unduly stressed or anxious, to find relief and better ways to cope with difficult situations.

Here is what our programme has to offer:

  • Reach serenity and peace of mind

  • Release stress and muscle tension

  • Find your strength

  • Revisit your lifestyle

  • Challenge negative beliefs

  • Let go of old trauma and control

Our comprehensive program is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. Here's what to expect:

  • Personalised Hypnosis Sessions:
    One-on-one sessions with a certified hypnotherapist to address your specific challenges and objectives.

  • Ongoing Support and Guidance:
    Regular check-ins to track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

  • Holistic Approach:
    We’ll cover your nutritional habits, your lifestyle and emotional triggers.

  • You are free, there is no contract.
    You can opt out or pause whenever you want or shift to pay-as-you-go sessions.

Stress & Anxiety Buster



Per month

  • 2 one-hour long hypnotherapy sessions each month

  • Weekly coaching by call or email to help you keep on track

  • For best results, 2 to 6 months might be needed depending on your circumstances.

  • No contract, you can stop or pause when you want.

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