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Hypnosis for weight loss

Why choose hypnotherapy for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is a natural, holistic and effective way to lose weight by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. Unlike unsustainable methods that focus either on drastic diet and exercise or weight loss tablets and weight loss injections with a long list of side effects, hypnotherapy helps reprogram your mind to support healthy habits and a positive self-image, making weight loss unavoidable. 

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11 Key Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Let’s face it, everyone knows what to do to lose weight. What makes it hard is what is going on in the mind, particularly at a subconscious level.

Are you ready to rethink weight loss entirely? We’ll work on your subconscious beliefs, trauma release, self-sabotage and even rewire your taste buds!

Hijack of the reward system to address emotional eating

We often use food as reward, which is particularly hard to control at the end of a long day of work. Having plans and healthy habits in place prevents us from snacking. 

Learned habits from culture and advertisement

Do you believe that buying greasy, high carb sweetened take-away food is faster than preparing something healthy from scratch? Time to use your phone timer! Non-stop advertisement has made us all sorts of things, for instance that we could eat junk food and stay healthy and thin…
Are you ready to revisit your beliefs?

Healthy eating shouldn’t be a punishment

Do you hate vegetables with a passion? Or feel punished when you must eat some? Your taste perception is not fixed at all! If you preferred vegetables than chippies, wouldn’t weight loss be easier? Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring overcooked broccoli with tofu! Spices, condiments, variety of colours, textures and tastes are what makes a meal satisfying. If meals are a pleasurable experience, you will be less likely to compensate with “party food”.

Self image

We form an image of ourselves and our body from external comments, and the environment around us. The way we perceive ourselves and our inner chat can block our way. If you keep repeating yourself that you’re “ugly / fat / disgusting… etc”, particularly in front of the mirror, you won’t cultivate the self-love and self-compassionate mindset needed to go forward. Most people would never talk as badly to anyone the way they talk to themselves! 

Store stress, store fat

The stress hormone cortisol acts like sugar on our body, making it ready for a flight / fight response. The bad news is, we can’t run in the office when our stress response is triggered to burn out the sugar our body creates when stressed, therefore we store it instead. By creating better responses to stress with the help of hypnotherapy, we can become more resilient.

Food addiction: sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances there is and is the number one culprit in unhealthy weight gain. This is why it’s everywhere! This is true for the white deadly stuff, but also from the all-too-often considered innocent fruit juice or smoothie. With hypnotherapy, reducing or quitting sugar is a lot easier. 

It’s ok to eat less, this is not the ice age anymore

You know that, but how about your memories of your grandma who was starving during WW2 and was not at peace until you had eaten the entirety of your plate plus extras? Our overeating habits can be transgenerational, and trauma from food scarcity can affect us, even if we have never faced famine ourselves.

Feeling full

It is very well known that if you starve your body, it will store even more once you eat again, this is why low calory diets don’t work over time. If you eat nutritious meals made of whole foods, the fibres they contain will give you the satiety feeling that make you stop eating AND will avoid the mood drop associated with high glycemic Index foods, making you less likely to snack between meals. Also, the perception of fullness can be amplified with hypnosis.

Enhance your mind-body connection by being more mindful

When we tend to dissociate, to live absentmindedly, our sensations are as if anesthetized, we lose communication with our body, we are less likely do what is good for it. On the other hand, when we reconnect with our bodies, exercise becomes a pleasure rather than a chore, and we are less likely to snack or overeat.


Have you ever heard, “when you’ll be big, those bullies won’t attack you anymore”. This is a classic sentence that is often the root of weight gain. Sexual trauma in women is also often the root of their weight issues, the mind creates a “big” body to be less attractive or less fragile in an attempt to avoid further attacks. If you have been victim of traumatic events, or a difficult childhood, I will support you in your healing journey. 

Long game

Hypnotherapy might not be the fastest way to lose weight, but it is the most sustainable. Looking into your mindset first and what’s holding you back, support you in changing habits, including eating the best foods for weight loss and working out with the best exercise for fat loss are the reasons why it’s the most effective method! You will not just lose those extra kilos; you’ll feel amazing in your own skin.

Hypnotherapy is the best modality to tackle the subconscious blockages that keep you overweight, and to find what works best for you. 

Here is what our programme has to offer:

  • Lose weight naturally: no pills, no injections

  • Change your habits with ease

  • No weird unsustainable diet

  • Reduce your appetite

  • Eat more healthy foods without feeling restricted

Our comprehensive program is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. Here's what to expect:

  • Personalised Hypnosis Sessions:
    One-on-one sessions to address your specific challenges and objectives.

  • Ongoing Support and Guidance:
    Regular check-ins to track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

  • Holistic Approach:
    We’ll cover your nutritional habits, your lifestyle and emotional triggers.

  • You are free, there is no contract.
    You can opt out or pause whenever you want or shift to pay-as-you-go sessions.

Weight Loss



Per month

  • 2 one-hour long hypnotherapy sessions each month

  • Weekly coaching by call or email to help you keep on track

  • For best results, 2 to 6 months might be needed depending on your circumstances.

  • No contract, you can stop or pause when you want.

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